Audi A4 B9 AWD (17+)
Audi A4 B9 AWD (17+)
Audi A4 B9 AWD (17+)
Audi A4 B9 AWD (17+)
Audi A4 B9 AWD (17+)
Audi A4 B9 AWD (17+)

Audi A4 B9 AWD (17+)

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Audi A4 B9 4WD (2017+) (53mm Strut Diameter)

Spring Rate - Front 10K / Rear 10K 

Street Coilovers are designed to give you the best ride quality without sacrificing any comfort or reliability. Our goal was to design a suspension setup that is reliable for daily driving while providing an enjoyable sporty ride that could be driven on the track.  All setups feature adjustable ride height and 32way or 12way dampening to adapt the ride to your preference. We spent a lot of time sourcing the best components and brought them all together with the help of a reputable engineering company that was up for the task.

Starting with the strut, we invested a lot of time to ensure that they are both durable and reliable. We start with a durable heat-treated steel piston and needle valve to ensure proper travel and linear compression ratio. The strut body is designed to handle the heat and the life cycle it will be put through. Each strut is filled with proprietary oil that is designed to maintain its viscosity even under increased heat or abuse. The oil will keep its unique properties over the years to maintain that same ride quality. This is crucial to the quality and longevity of the strut. Poor quality suspension setups use cheaper oil that can become frothy, lose its strength and degrade overtime. These inferior suspension systems will lose their fluid movement and/or become too soft. We finish the strut piston with longstanding, high-heat rated double seals that are designed to take abuse without breaking a sweat, literally. No leaking struts here. The strut is the most important part of any suspension system. It determines the ride quality and the overall feel. We do not just use a stiffer spring at the suspension to compensate for a poor quality strut; instead we made sure to start from scratch and build a complete coilover that will differentiate itself from the rest.

Next we pair the struts with a high-tensile strength steel spring that is designed to last without sagging or premature wear. Springs are tested to ensure there is no coil bind and full range of motion. The high quality strut and dampening allows us to use the proper spring rates needed for each setup that will complement the adjustable dampening rates. Each spring is mounted on adjustable aluminum perches that can be used to adjust preload and travel. Incorporated washer and spacers are in place to keep the system free moving especially on McPherson style struts.

The coilover system is finished with a combination of powder coating, electroplating, and anodizing to give it a great look and protect it. McPherson style struts feature adjustable upper camber plates and pillow ball mounts.

Adjustable Damper

All coilovers have an adjustable dampers in either 32 or 12 click. Depending on the model and the desired application.

Mcpherson vehicles come with front camber plate and pillow ball mount. to give some adjustment and proper performance.

Powdered Metal Piston

We use a powdered metal piston over the cheaper aluminum option. Powdered metal is stronger and will last longer over time. This is extremely important as softer metal can deform and leak much quicker.

Adjustable Height

Ride height is independent from spring. Allows perfect ride height without dealing with helper springs or loose / compressed spring.

Double O-Ring Seal

We use double o-rings seals when possible to reduce chance of failure and leaking.